The 2016 CDT Festival of Science

The 2016 edition of the Festival was focused on 'Science and Science Fiction'. The website of the past edition can be found here.

The 2015 CDT Festival of Science

The theme for the 2015 festival was 'Science and Criticism'. The event was a huge success with six fantastic speakers and a panel session to boot. You can watch some of the talks from the 2015 festival here. You can also check out the CDT Festival of Science YouTube account for more great talks from past festivals.

2015 at a glance
Geraldine Thomas - Health Risks from Radiation from Nuclear Accidents – Facts and Fantasy
Sir David Spiegelhalter - Shabby statistics? Communicating uncertain evidence through the media
Marianne Talbot - Benefits and Drawbacks of Peer Review
Alice Bell - Science for the People
Panel session

The 2014 CDT Festival of Science

The theme for the 2014 festival was 'Science and the Media'. You can watch some of the talks from the 2014 festival here.

Lewis Dartnell - The Knowledge: How to Rebuild the World from Scratch
Jhonjoe McFadden - Quantum Biology
Philip Moriarty - Confessions of a YouTube Scientist
Brian Fuchs and Margaret Gold - Citizen Science
James Clark - From Waste to Wealth using Green Chemistry
Christopher Emmott - Solar Power in Combating Climate Change

The 2013 CDT Festival of Science

2013's festival, with a theme of 'Science as a Force for Change', saw an impressive array of speakers present on a diverse range of science related topics. Below are a selection of talks from the festival.

Mark Miodownik - Stuff Matters
Professor Lord Robert May - Science Advice, Policy Making and Tomorrow's World
James Clark - From Waste to Wealth Using Green Chemistry

Professor Sir Peter Knight - Quants, Quantum Physics and the Flash Crash
Mike Wright - Entrepreneurship and Making Money from Science